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Welcome to the School of Finance

Learn What You Should Have Learnt at School, from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Much research shows that women are now taking the front seat and is the financial decision-maker in the household, women are earning more (sometimes more than her counterpart), highly educated and yet lack confidence when it comes to investing and investment products. Why?


Our vision is to educate women to develop and build their financial strategies and grow their wealth in ways they never thought possible. Our mission is to empower women by closing the knowledge gap by bringing down barriers and increasing transparency through education.

We educate and provide you with the tools to develop and practically implement your financial strategy.

Get The Right Structure

Tax is costly. Having the right structure can add significant value to your overall wealth. Getting it wrong is extremely costly.

Let Your Money Work

You work hard. Let your money also work hard for you. Invest you must.

Protect Your Legacy

Protect what you have built. Build as many barriers as possible to protect your legacy.

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This is where your journey starts.  Our FREE 1-hour Live Kickstarter Sessions cover all of the key financial secrets that you never learnt at school.  The same secrets that the wealthy and elite have access to in order to grow and protect their wealth.


The best part?  They cost nothing... as long you as you book before the early bird deadline.


Spots are limited so book now to start your journey to building your wealth with confidence.  You’ll also receive a free folder of templates to support your personal finance journey.


I don’t have thousands ready to invest...That’s fine! Our experts will share the best strategies, tips and tricks to save and start investing with as little as $1,000. $1,000 invested wisely each month could be almost $200,000 in 10 years!

I have bought some shares already...Great work! Our experts will simplify the lingo that various investing platforms use, so you know your ETFs from your indexes, and learn how to exceed your goals.

I am not good at saving!The most common concern we hear. Once you see how hard your money can work for you, your appetite to achieve your goals increases. Understand your current situation, set your own goals and address your specific pain points. Good planning can add 1-2% per annum without skimping on your weekly avo on toast!

I’ll worry about my finances and retirement in the futureTo have a comfortable retirement in 10, 20 or even 30 years you need to start planning now! Research shows that women’s superannuation will not nearly be enough. Learn how super works and how you can tweak yours to work harder. The average woman in Australia will need approximately $XXXX to retire – now is the time to consider how you will get there, because the magic of compound interest works best over a long period of time.

I think the share market is too risky and I’m terrified to invest!That’s ok, the GFC gave a lot of investments a bad reputation, but our experts will simplify investment options and show the returns over long periods of time. You’ll get to know your risk profile and be able to tailor investment options to your preferences.

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